• Please be aware that Teresa’s consultations should never take the place of consultations provided by others who are recognized for their expertise in various fields – medical professionals, financial professionals, etc.  Teresa is offering you her particular expertise specifically related to her professional background in social work, combined with her knowledge of astrology.  Although consultations often include exploration into a variety of life areas – such as health, finances, etc. – any offered opinions or advice related to such topics should be considered as psychological and/or astrological guidance only.
  • It is very important to understand, that as an adult, it is your personal responsibility to make final decisions about your life based upon your own thoughtful review of the information provided to you, whether by Teresa or other individuals.  By participating in a consultation, you agree to assume full responsibility for any and all decisions that you make based on Teresa’s psychological/astrological guidance, whether verbal or written.  You also agree to release Celestial Awakenings and Teresa from any and all liability related to her professional advice, as well as to the written contents of her website or any future written content in any other form.  
  • Clients under the age of 18 must have parental consent in order to schedule an astrological consultation.  Teresa will, to the best of her ability, ensure that such consent has been given.  However, in the event that individuals are not truthful in this regard, Teresa cannot be held responsible.   
  • Because of the extensive additional time and work that would be required, if you discover that you have mistakenly provided Teresa with an inaccurate birth time, she cannot offer a second consultation based on the corrected birth time free-of-charge.