“I have known and worked with Teresa Betcher for eight years and have found her services to be superb. Teresa has a tremendous working knowledge of astrology and, more importantly, a deep passion for her work. She is able to weave the logic and intuition of astrology with her knowledge of counseling and social work, providing a unique perspective into an individual’s chart.

Teresa’s insights have helped me through some very challenging times in my life.  She was able to provide calm and clear interpretations of astrological aspects and recommend specific tools for learning through tough times.

Choosing an astrologer should be done very carefully. Teresa has many qualities critical to a client/astrologer relationship: sound advice, maturity, trust, humor, knowledge, clarity and a genuine concern for the well being of her clients. If you have found Teresa’s website, you have come to the right place!”

~Jean, Louisiana

“There are a lot of positive things I can say about Teresa’s work, but one of the most relevant is related to me being a single mom. Her guidance has been key to keeping me and my family moving forward. As a single mom, I feel it is important to plan ahead for the events that are coming up. Her accurate information provides me more clarity, and helps me make more positive decisions for my family. I have been able to take advantage of the right moments,  feeling safer and more sure that my decisions and actions are based on a knowledgeable science.”

~Isabel N., Oswego, IL

“My Astrological consultation with Teresa was most informative and also fun.  Teresa is very thorough and truly enjoys and cares about what she does.  All my questions were answered and more about the most important parts of my life, “past,” “present,” and yet to come.  I came away with a better understanding of Astrology and the connection with myself.  Looking back on the information from my Astrological reading I was amazed with the accuracy and felt blessed by the experience.”


“Teresa is very passionate about her work and this shows throughout the reading. Her accuracy I found to be very profound.  She is easy to talk to, kind and insightful.”

~June B., Algonquin, IL

“I have had the pleasure and privilege to have known Teresa Betcher for 3 years now. She has been such an excellent resource and counselor to me in many important aspects of my life. She is personable, professional, very intuitive, insightful, and extremely knowledgeable in Astrology. Teresa has offered me a blend of helpful and sound advice in a very caring, compassionate, and sensitive manner. She continually strives to learn more and grow in her field, which has been a benefit to me and others who seek her advice. As she learns more, she is able to better help me in many ways including reaching a better understanding of my life lessons and personal growth.   

Sometimes we meet people who profoundly impact our lives in a positive way. I have found Teresa to be one of these wonderful people who has helped me become a better and more understanding person. I highly recommend Teresa as an Astrologer and Personal Counselor and know that you will absolutely value her as much as I have.” 

~Carol Harris, Huntley, IL

“I was so pleased with my Astrology reading by Teresa!!! Teresa did a wonderful job with my reading that my life just makes more sense to know what I know now. I am happy that Teresa was there to help me.”

~Donna F., Schaumburg, IL

“Teresa has done several readings for me, including both natal and forecast charts. The readings have been extremely insightful and meaningful. I really appreciate her level of expertise as well as how detailed and thorough she is. It was obvious how much time and effort she puts into gathering information and she is exceptionally articulate in her presentation of the material. I look forward to my next reading!”      

~Mary R., Roselle, IL

“For several years, Teresa Betcher serves as my astrology advisor, teacher, and friend. As much as I love the topic of Astrology, Teresa helps me to better understand complex concepts as houses, planets, and signs, in their placement and their relationship to one another. In addition to her excellent instruction, she inspires me to learn at a deeper level by keeping things interesting and fun. Her technique is meticulous. I very much enjoyed astrology 101 & New Moon Rising classes. In addition to this, Teresa reads my yearly birthdate and nails it each and every time. While most of the time, I’m not sure what will happen, it always does at the exact time and places she speaks of. Read her recommended books, plus some, study hard, ask questions, and practice, practice practice and you will soon be amazed by what she has taught you!”

~ Jaci K., Sycamore, IL

“I was so impressed with Teresa as an Astrology Instructor! She comes across as a gentle soul with a powerful punch for teaching! I was ready to learn astrology and Teresa appeared.”

~ Donna F., Schaumburg, IL

“I attended 2 of Teresa’s astrology classes and enjoyed both of them very much. Teresa is a wealth of knowledge and she is very generous about sharing that knowledge in the class setting. She made the classes informational and fun as well!”

~ Mary R., Roselle, IL

“I have taken Teresa’s Astrology I and II.  Both classes were fun and jam-packed with information.  Teresa has great stories and uses creative ways to teach the material. Learn about your own birth chart while learning the basics of astrology!”

~ Antoinette, McHenry, IL

“Teresa knew that I could not take her classes because I was busy on the day offered.  She knew I was into moon energies which was information that complimented astrology from a different perspective. Teresa gave me her books and taught me one on one. The best thing I learned from Teresa was planets answer the question of what, signs answer the questions of why and how and houses answer the question of where. With this understanding, I made flashcards and am still learning about astrology and what is going on in my chart.”

Donna N., St. Charles, IL

“I’ve been taking various classes throughout the years and have never come across a more thorough instructor who cares about her student’s success in the class.  Thanks, Teresa!”

~ Pam M., IL

“When one takes an astrology or New Moon class from professional astrologer Teresa Betcher, the reward is far more than what might be expected. When I began taking the monthly classes, I knew very little about astrology other than I was an Aries. Teresa’s in-depth knowledge and inclusive teaching style taught me that astrology encompasses far more than just the placement of the stars and planets. It has a real potential to help one make decisions and choices. For example, I asked Teresa for how long a legal matter might take to be settled. Though I was disappointed to hear her assessment of how long it would be according to her reading of my place in the cosmos, she was right on target. She showed me that things happen when they are supposed to happen. As one teacher to another, Teresa knows her stuff and shares it fully.”

 ~ Sarah D., Elgin, IL